New in Social Media This Month

It’s been a landmark month of updates in the social arena, including some massive changes from the big boys, Google and Facebook. Here is a brief overview of what has been happening.

Google goes social with the Google Plus Project

Yes, it was the buzz of the month reaching a whopping 20 million+ users after just 3 weeks from launch. Google Plus was officially launched in the US on 28th June, reaching across the globe over the next few days.

Google Plus fits well with the existing array of free Google services, such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar, and allows you to share and communicate with other users. It is something of a cross between Facebook and Twitter – you can share thoughts, photos and favourite sites – like Facebook, but you don’t choose who follows you – similar to Twitter. And at the same time you can follow anyone you wish. Or to term it correctly, Add them to your Circles.

Circles are similar to sorting your Friends or Followers into Lists. With a Click and Drag technique, you can select numerous profiles and simply drag them into a particular Circle which you have created.

Google Plus’ home page is very similar to Facebook’s Newsfeed. It contains posts of the people you are following, and you can +1 (similar to Like) and comment on their posts.

Here is an introductory video created by Google:

Have you looked at the Google Plus Project? What do you think of it? Do you think it is a threat to Facebook in the long run, or simply a novelty attracting users out of curiosity? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

New Facebook messaging system with video call

fbchatlistContacting your friends is easier and more personal now using Facebook’s new chat sidebar, with the added ability for video calling.

A list of your most interactive friends appears at the right of the screen, so you can just click their name and a chat window pops up. Friends with a green dot are online now, with whom you can chat live, or you can write a message for them to read when they next log in. Your chat history with that person remains in the scrollable chat window.

The chat window also displays a video icon at the top which you can click to start a live video chat – made possible with the integration of Skype within Facebook.

Have you been using the new Facebook chat system? What do you think? Leave your comments in the box below.

Google Analytics has introduced Social Engagement Tracking

Google has announced a new tracking function that will enable the measurement of social interactions within websites. The Social Engagement Report automatically includes +1 clicks, but other share activities such as Facebook Likes and Tweets will require added coding.

You can track which particular buttons are working well, such as +1, Like, Share, or Tweets – at the top, bottom or elsewhere on your page. Also, the report displays which pages attract more social interaction.

Customisation for Facebook and Twitter can be found in Google’s code area for Social Interaction Analytics.

Tabsite adds Google Maps to its Facebook Fan Page features

Added to Tabsite’s already rich palate of widgets, now you can simply drag the Google Map icon onto the page, add the location information, resize the map and move it around your fan page tab as you please.


The Google maps feature is available with all Tabsite plans, including their free level. Check it out now at Tabsite >

Do you have a favourite fan page service? Feel free to leave your feedback in the box below.


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